The magic of moxibustion

Moxibustion, is another important element in Oriental Medicine. It has been used in China since the Han Dynasty (200 BCE) to restore the circulation of energy and / or blood in the body. The dried leaves of the herb herb "Moxa" (mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris) are placed either directly or indirectly on the body & ignited to restore the circulation of energy and / or blood in the body.

Moxa punk is made from mugwort leaves, and it's unique in it's ability to warm the tissue deeply and relieve pain when burnt on or above the skin.

When burnt, moxa does not burn with a flame, it smolders and radiates its warmth evenly.
Nona currently uses Japanese Moxa techniques:
Okyu moxa: the highest grade of moxa punk is rolled to tiny (sesame seed to rice-grain sized) rugby-ball shapes and placed upright on the skin. Then it's lit with a special type of incense stick and extinguished before it burns the skin. The patient feels a very brief warm or stinging sensation when the moxa is almost burnt.

Cone moxa: is another form of direct moxa: Moxa is rolled into cone-shapes, which are then placed upright on the skin and lighted with a lighter or an incense stick. They are taken off and extinguished when or before the patient starts feeling the warmth.

Stick-on moxa: is a very convenient form of moxa, and very useful for home use. Small pre-rolled pieces of moxa punk or moxa charcoal are attached to an adhesive base. Stick-on moxa is usually left in place until it goes out by itself, which takes 3-7 minutes, depending on the brand.

Needle-head moxa: Another form of indirect moxibustion is the placing of moxa on the head of a needle and lighting it. This is very beneficial to the acupoint and its associated organs, relaxes the muscles and warms the whole area deeply.

Moxa cigar: The moxa punk is rolled into a cigar-shape, lighted and held above the point to be treated until the heat is felt at the point.

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